Sarcoptic Mange in Foxes

A country fox eating a rabbit will not only eat the rabbit, but also what the rabbit has eaten as well. The meat will not only be fresh but also the fox will be taking essential vitamins and minerals by eating the liver, heart etc. In addition the extra vitamins and roughage will come in the form of what the rabbit has also eaten. In comparison the town fox’s diet consists greatly of food hand outs and items scavenged from well known take away outfits. Whilst the town foxes may be eating the same amount of food as that of the country fox the difference in the quality of food is great.

Within our research with blood and skin scrapings we have found many things in common and that is that the secondary infections setting in as a result of mange are usually all vitamin deficiency related. We feel the homeopathic remedy improves the skin condition making it virtually impossible for the mange mites to continue their life cycle.

We also feel that stress has a major effect on individual animals and this is why one fox could get Sarcoptic mange and its mate remains mange-free. It’s also possible that given the fact that the dominant foxes within a group will always take preference within good feeding sites. Therefore the submissive foxes could be surviving on the remains. We also feel that if a fox or dog is suffering from other complaints ie eczema then this animal is more likely to contract mange than others.